RFI: Offender self-service

The Swedish Prison and Probation services (SPPS) currently executes a long-term project where IT support for clients/inmates within Swedish jails, prisons and probation is under development. 

In line with this project, SPPS are currently investigating available options to determine if a system should be procured or if parts of it should be procured.

A part of this investigation is the RFI recently published by SPPS where the outcome will serve as a baseline for the upcoming decision.

The content of this RFI aims to collect information about;

  • Available standard systems (parts or complete systems)
  • Estimated cost of development (part or complete systems)
  • Cost and amount of work to integrate developed or existing systems (part or complete systems)
  • Available hardware and devices (with or without administrative systems)
  • Technologies and techniques to identify users. (part or complete systems)

It is not necessary for a respondee to offer products covering every demand. SPPS will appreciate answers on every level, ranging from a whole system, to one or a few components described in the RFI.

The most important thing is that there is a transparency on how components can be customized and connected to other components using standard interfaces.

The primary constraint applied by SPPS are internal security requirements. The security restrictions will affect most components or system included in the concept. SPPS always need to remain in control of any part where a threat exists towards the assignment and responsibility put on SPPS by the Swedish justice department.

Cost estimation

Obviously there will be extremely difficult to deliver a correct cost estimate without a full set of requirements provided by SPPS.

However, SPPS still hope that any respondee will provide a professional best-guess estimate since this will drastically shorten the lead time until a possible procurement can begin.

What if you need more information?

Questions on this RFI can be sent through the questionnaire. Open questions and the answers will later be communicated on this dedicated website if mutually agreed. You can also send you questions to leverantorsfragor.init@kriminalvarden.se.


Information that any respondees want to keep secret, for example roadmaps or details on IP rights, should be marked and will not be registered or public available.


Answers can be given in English and Swedish


SPPS are looking forward to your response latest 2015-05-13.


No incoming questions yet. 


The questonnaire are now closed and we thank you for your reponse.