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Below, you will find some information regarding the study visit application process.

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service Head Office has a special office responsible for international affairs. This Office of International Affairs, situated in Stockholm, Sweden, accepts applications for study visits from international guests representing Governments or organisations working with prison related issues. 

The Office of International Affairs can provide visitors with information about our organisation in Swedish, English or French. Only applicants whom can speak and understand one of these languages can be accommodated as visitors, unless interpretation services are booked and paid for by the visiting delegation. Unless otherwise stated, all study visits are conducted in English.

In-country transportations (such as travel to and from the study visit location) should be arranged for and financed by the visiting delegation. Should the visitors require assistance in how such in-country travel can be booked, they may contact the Office of International Affairs for further information.

In general, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service only approve visitors whom represent official organisations or Governments. For security purposes, as well as to ensure that prisoners' rights are upheld, private persons or individuals travelling without their national Government/organizations clearance will not be allowed to visit prison or probation service facilities. For this reason, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service kindly ask that applicants inform and clear their travel with proper national authorities (such as their national prison service, Embassy or other).

In the attached link you will find the form to be filled out in order to initiate the application process. Please ensure that you are thorough when filling out the form, as providing us with as much information about your goals for the visit as possible will help us in trying to meet these objectives.

Please ensure that you provide the name as well as title/rank of the participating members of the delegation.

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