Spiritual activities and retreat

Male clients can apply to spend time in a special retreat unit at Kumla Prison. This unit is for those who want to find themselves again through silence and contemplation. The retreat is not a course in the Christian faith.

The retreat is led by special retreat leaders. Clients who have previously participated in a 30-day retreat assist the instructors in their work as monastery hosts. Kumla Prison. 

The retreat is the only one of its kind in the world.

Both short and long retreats are available. The short retreats generally last for seven days. They are conducted in silence for a couple of days and through exercises, discussions and group meetings, provide an insight into what it means to be human. The long retreat lasts 30 days and those attending must have participated in at least one short retreat previously. Following a long retreat, there is the chance for the client to apply for placement in Skänninge Prison (provided the circumstances otherwise permit such placement). At Skänninge Prison, there is a section for clients who have previously participated in retreats and want to continue their sentences in the same way. Read more about this in the Klostervägen brochure.

Short retreats are available for women and generally last for eight or nine days in temporary premises at Hinseberg Prison.

One-day retreats are also available at many other prisons around the country. These offer the opportunity to try meditation and silent prayer with others over the course of one day.

Retreat activities are evaluated in a report from Stockholm University's Department of Criminology.